Jessica Francis


Jessica has been fascinated by people and all our vulnerable, messy magnificence for as long as she can remember. Her plant medicine journey began in Colombia in 2012, and she has since travelled extensively throughout Asia and South America, teaching yoga, listening to and learning from the wide world. She interspersed her time in the city of London (deep in the bowels of an investment bank) with deeper dives into the ashrams of India and the wild beauty of the Amazon.

Jess came to yoga at a time of great personal loss and has found it to be an incredible anchor during life’s inevitable storms, and a fundamental guidebook for living well. Her influences are many and varied, and she cherry picks her favourites to bring awareness, curiosity and a pinch of philosophy into an embodied, joyful flow – both on the yoga mat and beyond. She is dedicated to helping others develop a greater intimacy with themselves and believes that yoga (as a lifestyle) and plant medicines are the perfect place to begin that journey.

Being first introduced to Ayahuasca in 2012, and partaking in ceremonies over the next few years, she spent the majority of 2016 living and working at a traditional Shipibo healing centre in the Peruvian Amazon; a year she still cherishes as one of the most profound and important of her life. She went on to open her own Yoga & Fitness studio in London in 2018, building a local community and working with people from myriad walks of life. In May 2021 she completed Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry training; a psychotherapeutic approach that examines our early childhood experiences and adaptations, and their impact on how we present ourselves to the world and contribute to pathologies in later life.

Jessica is a student of ShantiMayi, Sri Hansraj Maharajji and the Sacha Lineage. She has undertaken numerous meditation retreats including Vipassana (in the style of S.N. Goenka), Mindfulness, Mantra, and Mahayana Buddhism. She is a certified Ayurvedic massage practitioner, and believes that the body holds our deepest secrets. She has had incredible results from both TRE and EMDR therapies, along with 5 Rhythms dance and Holotropic Breathwork; and thus she feels wholeheartedly that the benefits of somatic techniques in conjunction with plant medicines are plentiful and profound.

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